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Guitar coaching for beginners and intermediates

Acoustic guitar
The perfect instrument to take outside and jam with others. Learn to accompany yourself, write songs or play intricate pieces.

Electric guitar
My first love and lasting addiction. Dive into the wonderful world of riffs, solos, amplifiers and effect pedals.

Bass guitar
The bass became an obsession as soon as I picked it up. Learn to play tight rhythm, lay tasty basslines and lock in with the drummer.

Music theory, improvisation & songwriting
There’s a world behind the instrument. Want to learn the language of music? Learn to listen, interact and create? I’ve got a lot to share.

My philosophy

Learning an instrument means gaining a companion for life. Through the hard times and the good, your musicality will give you the means to express yourself, entertain and connect with others in many exciting ways.

If you’ve been thinking about picking up or rediscovering your instrument: now is the time. I believe everybody can learn music to a fulfilling extent if they manage to stay committed. The resources are more available than ever and with a little hands-on coaching you can come very far. It’s not about talent. It’s about getting and staying excited. And that’s where I come in.

When I started to play guitar at 16, me and some friends bought instruments together and started jamming almost immediately. Of course we weren’t very good (at all) in the beginning, but we were a band! And we were having a great time, motivating each other and improving together. I got hooked, my buddies did too and after barely a year, we were playing our first gigs. I never stopped learning since then and music never stopped getting more fulfilling.

I believe in cultivating your intrinsic motivation to improve by putting music into practice and making it a fun shared experience as early as possible.

What I didn’t have at the time was a mentor. Somebody to focus my attention, correct flaws in my technique and help me understand the theoretical background of what I was trying to do. Would I have had that, I am sure I would have progressed a lot quicker. So this is what I am offering you now as a guitar coach. Together we will find what excites and motivates you and with some guidance, you will be on your way to achieve your personal musical desires.

Arjan Vriezen
I’m a self-taught musician with over a decade of experience manning the guitars, bass and keyboards, as well as singing and composing in a variety of projects. I’m thankful to have gathered broad experience in the areas of rock, (electro)pop, soul, blues, folk, performance art and free improvisation.

Offering lessons in English or German.
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I offer lessons in English, German or Dutch, either at my place in Arni AG, online or in the comfort of your own home. I want to invite you to a free trial session to get to know each other and to establish your ability level and your goals.

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90min Session100 CHF90 CHFOn request
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